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Hot Tub And Deck Removal

Hot Tub And Deck Removal

Our junk removal team recently went out to Henderson to remove a hot tub that had a full deck around it.  The deck was not only surrounding the hot tub but also had some deck that you could stand on around the outside that needed to be removed.  The hot tub was also buried about half way into the ground and had a half wall that needed to be removed making the hot tub removal a little more difficult than your regular hot tub removal.  We provided the Henderson home owner with an estimate to remove the hot tub and the deck and dispose of all the junk and trash.  He agreed with the price and our junk removal team then went right to work.


The first thing we did was begin by removing the deck that was on the outside of the hot tub, then the deck that surrounded the edges of the hot tub was removed.  After the clean up and removal of the deck we went to work cutting the hot tub into four separate pieces and carrying them out to the junk removal trailer.  After the clean up of all the hot tub parts and pieces we then hauled off all the stucco that surrounded the hot tub.  Once clear of all the junk and trash that comes along with a hot tub and deck removal we swept up the area and capped off the electrical at the junction box providing safety for the home owner who had future plans of building a BBQ serving area.


With the hot tub and deck removal complete, the area cleaned up we were ready to haul it off for disposal.  The owner was very pleased with how clean we were, the speed and efficiency of our junk removal team and promised to refer us to all of his friends and family in the future which is by far our greatest compliment.  If you need a hot tub and deck removal call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate at 702-600-6994.

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