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Need To Remove An Old Gazebo | The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal

Need To Remove An Old Gazebo | The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal

Do you need an old broken down gazebo removed from your backyard? Is the gazebo removal necessary because its broke down and  just a plain eye sore? Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate at 702-600-6994.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal received a phone call recently requesting an estimate to remove a gazebo from a backyard that was approximately 12×12 in size and still currently sat over the hot tub, which they wanted to keep. After a few questions for the potential client about the gazebo removal, where it was located, what was the material the gazebo was made with and what was the access like to the gazebo in relation to the hot tub, we provided the client with an estimate to which they accepted and scheduled a same day appointment for us to come out and removed the gazebo from around the hot tub and  from the backyard.

Once we arrived we evaluated what was needed to be done to remove the gazebo from the yard, went and gloved up, put on our safety glasses, then went to work cutting the gazebo in pieces being careful not to damage the hot tub in the process. The gazebo was really broken down and came down pretty easily but left a mess of wood all over the yard. After hauling all the wood out to the dump trailer for removal and haul away we then swept and picked up any loose debris left behind. The resident also asked us then to remove a dead tree that was now very obvious in the backyard now that the gazebo had been removed. No problem, we did just that for them!!

Every gazebo removal is different in some way but if you need a free estimate to remove your gazebo call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas at 702-600-6994.

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