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Property Clean Up

Property Clean Up

The pick-up artist junk removal was called upon to give an estimate for a property clean up in Las Vegas. A realtor is trying to sell a property that has been foreclosed on for the bank, and had his hands full with a Las Vegas property that needed a lot of work. The realtor knew right away after the first visit of the property that all the old wood, debris, tires, mirrors, old furniture, and all the junk and trash from it needed to be removed.   Our junk removal team arrived to walk the Las Vegas property with the realtor, so he could specifically point out all the areas he had to have cleaned out. The property was approximately about five acres. So the cleanup was throughout the entire property.


All of our estimates are free, firm, and come with no obligation to accept the pick-up artist junk removal to do the work.  If you agree to the price quote, then we can go to work right away and remove anything that needs to be hauled away. We will load it in the junk removal trailer and haul it away to the Las Vegas transfer facility for you. We are here to relieve you of any stress that junk removal can cause you, so you can enjoy Las Vegas!


If you have a property clean up that needs to be done in the Las Vegas area then give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call.  All of our estimates are free!  Our junk removal company not only does property clean up but also anything from hot tub removal to mattress removal and everything you can think of inbetween.  No job is too big or too small for our junk removal company.  Call 702-600-6994 today and ask for your free no hassle estimate!


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