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Attic Clean Out | Trash Removal

Attic Clean Out | Trash Removal

Out in Las Vegas our trash removal team arrive to do an estimate for an attic clean out. Our trash removal team went up to the attic to take a look at what was involved in the attic clean out. In the attic was of course insulation to be removed and literally a hundred political signs to be removed. It seems the previous owner had run for office some years ago and stored all of his campaign signs in the attic. The reason the Las Vegas home owner needed all the signs, wood and insulation removed from the attic is an electrician had found some faulty wiring in the Las Vegas home and to be safe the new home owner wanted all the electrical checked and changed as necessary.

Our trash removal team provided an estimate for the Las Vegas home owner and she scheduled for the same day so that the electrician could come in the next day. Later that day our trash removal team arrived to do the attic clean out. Masked and ready we went up into the attic and started by removing all the wood and all the campaign signs that had to be removed. Our trash removal team then started rolling out the insulation. In a few hours the attic clean out was complete, the garage swept up and the trailer full and ready to go to the dump. The attic clean out was ready for the electrician to come in an take care of his work safely.

If you need an attic clean out or any other trash or junk removal, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal team a call for your free estimate. Our trash removal team serves the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding areas. If you need a trash removal team that is professional, courteous, competitive pricing and on time then give us a call today.

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