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Backyard Junk Removal In Las Vegas

Backyard Junk Removal In Las Vegas

Our junk removal team arrived at a Las Vegas home to take a look at a backyard in desperate need of a junk removal job. An investor from California had called and requested that our junk removal team go to one of his properties to take a look at what his previous renters had left behind in his Las Vegas rental home. We arrived at the home and provided a free estimate to the owner over the phone to remove and clean up all the junk that was left behind in the yard. He accepted the estimate and we went right to work on removing all the junk left behind.

The previous tenants of this Las Vegas home had made the backyard a collection of junk, which included and old broke down sectional couch, a couple of old mattresses, tires, old construction debris and littered with trash. It had looked like they were just using this Las Vegas rental home as a dump site. Since the property wasn’t theirs they didn’t take care of it what so ever. By the time we removed all the junk and trash from the yard we had accumulated approximately 12 yards of junk into the junk removal trailer. Once the patio was swept we were ready to haul all of it away and take a trip to the local Las Vegas transfer center for disposal.

The investor was very satisfied with the junk removal work. He couldn’t believe we could finish in only a couple of hours which saved him time and money. He was able to immediately place the Las Vegas home back up for rent. If you have a rental property in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson area and renters have left it a mess give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call and we can do the work for you, making your rental unit ready to offer to new clients.

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