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It seems our junk removal team has been doing more trash removal jobs for customers who have just completed a move and now they have a garage full of boxes and trash. Maybe it’s that time of the year, the sun is out and people are purchasing homes. A few times this week we have taken calls with the question of how do we get rid of so many boxes and trash from our move. Our junk removal team tries to be as helpful as possible answering all the questions that are asked. We will tell you that you could take the boxes and trash to the local transfer facility, but if you only have a truck it could be many trips back and forth to the dump, wasting both your time and your money in gas and disposal fees. You could also place a few boxes out a week for the rubbish company to pick up but then you are taking the chance that they will take it and again the time it would take you would never park in your new garage.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas should be your number one option. Our junk removal prices are the best in town and we provide the best service around. We will come to your home, break down the boxes and load our junk removal trailer with all the boxes and trash in one load. We will sweep the area of any packing materials or left over paper that was left behind. In less than an hour we could have all the boxes and trash removed the area clean and you ready to start enjoying the home. We know that moves can be stressful and hard work, our junk removal team is here to try and make the experience easier for you.

Whether its boxes and trash from a move or junk around the house, give our junk and trash removal team a call today for your free estimate!

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