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Brick And Cinder Block Removal | Las Vegas

Brick And Cinder Block Removal | Las Vegas

Have you ever built a cinder block wall, or a brick patio and now you have a lot of brick or cinder block left over and you have no idea of how to get rid of it. Like most of us we stack the brick or the cinder block on the side of the house and just forget about it. After time that pile becomes a nesting site for vermin and spiders making it an eyesore for you. Now its time to have the cinder block and the brick removed. You could rent a dumpster, which would cost you quite a bit and then you have to load all the brick and cinder block yourself or you could call a junk removal company to come to your home, carry the brick and cinder block out, clean the area up and then haul the material away for you. No stress and no mess!

One of our realtor clients had just this problem in a North Las Vegas home. The North Las Vegas home was about to close escrow, however the new owners did not want the stack of brick and cinder block left behind for them to take care of so he called our junk removal team and requested an immediate removal of all the brick and cinder block so the close of escrow would not be delayed. We arrived to the Las Vegas home and not only removed all the brick and cinder block from the backyard but raked and swept the area clean. Once loaded up and cleaned up our junk removal team hauled and disposed of the brick and cinder block to the local transfer facility in North Las Vegas.

If you have taken on a construction job in your home and now you have a pile of junk, trash and construction debris to clean up, give our junk removal team a call. We will not only load, haul away and dispose of all the construction debris but also sweep the area up leaving you with a clean and ready to use area.

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