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Carpet Removal In Summerlin

Carpet Removal in Summerlin

Our office received a call requesting a quote to pick up rolled up carpet that was placed in the garage of his summerlin home. The owner was renovating his summerlin rental home and was here from Michigan for a quick turnaround. He had removed the carpet from the bottom floor of the summerlin home and had rolled it and placed it in the garage. Along with the rolled up carpet he also wanted us to haul away all the boxes from the lament floor that he had installed. We discussed all that he needed removed and gave him a free estimate right over the phone. The home owner agreed and met us first thing in the morning and the summerlin property to remove all the carpet, boxes and a few junk related items.

The summerlin home was beautiful and he had added a little update to the bottom floor so the wear from tenants would be less costly in the future. After we had removed all the carpet and boxes from the garage we discussed with him future junk removal jobs. We let him know that if he needed a junk removal from any of his rentals in summerlin or in the Las Vegas area we would be glad to help and we could agree on pricing and schedule right over the phone. He never has to leave Michigan, we would take care of all the junk removal for him and we accept credit card right over the phone for the completed job. We could even remove the carpet for him next time saving him time and energy.

If you have carpet to be removed or any other junk removal jobs in the summerlin area, Las Vegas, or Henderson you can call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal company for your free estimate. We are a full service junk removal company, no job too big or too small for us to handle. We do the heavy work for you.

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