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Commercial Building Box And Packing Material Removal

Commercial Building Box And Packing Material Removal

The office manager of a new commercial business opening up in town gave our junk removal team a call and requested we come by the commercial building to remove boxes and packing materials. The offices were being set up for a call center and they had new desks, computers and much more. During the move in to the commercial building they had been opening massive amount of boxes and now the commercial offices were cluttered with boxes and they couldn’t continue the move into the commercial building if they couldn’t get around. Our junk removal team provided them with a free estimate once they showed us around the commercial building and all the offices and they requested for us to begin immediately since they were at a standstill.

Our junk removal team went right to work carrying all the boxes and packing materials from the commercial building and out to the parking lot where the junk removal trailer awaited. There were many offices in the commercial building and one by one our junk removal team cleaned up the boxes and packing materials. When it was all said and done we had broken down and loaded up approximately 14 cubic yards of boxes and packing materials from the commercial building. Once the tarp was set and the goodbyes given it was off to the recycle center to dump the cardboard. Always recycle!

Our junk removal team does many jobs, commercial building jobs and residential jobs alike. Whether you are moving into a commercial building or a new home, you may have a massive amount of boxes and packing material that you need to be disposed. Our junk removal team is here for you, we will come to your home or commercial building and clean up the boxes and the mess that is giving you the headache. Our junk and trash removal estimates are free, call today!

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