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Commercial Building Trash Removal | Las Vegas

Commercial Building Trash Removal | Las Vegas

A property management company out of California called our trash removal team and requested we go by their commercial building in Las Vegas to take a look and provide a trash removal estimate for them. Our trash removal team went by the commercial building and took pictures of what was in there for our costumer and sent over an estimate to remove all the trash, the desks and the refrigerator systems that were left behind by the previous tenants. It looked like the previous tenant was some type of Las Vegas grocer market.

Over the phone we discussed with the property management how they wanted to proceed on the removal of all the trash and other items from the Las Vegas commercial building. A schedule was provided and an agreement set.

Our trash removal team arrived to the Las Vegas commercial building the following day and began by sweeping up all the trash on the floors, clearing the desks and started to dismantle the refrigerator systems for easier haul away. Once everything was in the trash removal trailer and the commercial building was clean we took after pictures to send to our client who is in California so that they could see what the space looked like when we completed the job for them. We then closed up and locked up the Las Vegas commercial building. It is now ready to be leased again.

Here at The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal company in Las Vegas we take great pride in ourselves to only complete the job but to go the extra distance to make sure all of our costumers are happy. We never leave you with a mess! Once a costumer of The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas we want you to always be our costumer. For a free estimate on trash removal or junk removal call today!

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