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Commercial Building Trash Removal

Commercial Building Trash Removal

Our trash removal team received a call from a property manager for a commercial building trash removal service. The commercial building had been empty and needed a trash removal service before it could be shown to new prospective tenants. The property manager told us that the last tenant had been evicted from the commercial building and left trash and junk all over. They left desks and old appliance units and all the trash had to be removed at once. He informed us that he was referred by another property management team that we had done a trash removal job for. Our trash removal team accepts that as the greatest compliment that we could receive.

Our trash removal team made an appointment with him to go and take a look at the commercial building so that we could provide a solid estimate for him to have all the trash removed. We arrived on time and walked the commercial building and the surrounding property with him and that’s when we all discovered that the dumpster area had been used as a dump site for all the neighborhood to use. We added that to the trash removal inside the commercial building and came up with an estimate.

The next morning our trash removal team arrived to the commercial building and went to work cleaning all the trash from the inside and then the outside dumpster area. We then removed all the old desk equipment and the old appliances that were left behind. Once done with the trash removal we swept the commercial building and locked the doors. Now the commercial building was ready for the next tenant making the property manager very happy.

Our trash removal team strives to be the best in Las Vegas. Our on time, professional service is second to none. There is no trash removal job too big or too small, we do any commercial clean up and residential trash removal jobs. Call today for your free estimate!!

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