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Commercial Junk And Trash Removal

Commercial Junk And Trash Removal

Our junk and trash removal company received a call from an out of state commercial property management company call Simply Service Now the other day requesting we go by one of the commercial buildings that they have out here. It was once a McDonald’s restaurant and was now empty. The company wanted a bid for us to go in and clean out the commercial buildings trash and junk that had been left behind by the previous tenants. Once we arrived we found junk and trash every where, the commercial building even had a basement and every room had junk and trash that needed to be removed. Our junk and trash removal team called the commercial property management team and provided an estimate for the junk and trash removal. Once they accepted and sent back a signed bid we then scheduled a time to go to the commercial building and get started removing all the junk and trash.

The one problem that our team had with the commercial job was the building had no electricity and the basement was very dark. The upper part of the commercial building wasn’t that much better since all the windows had been boarded up to protect from vandalism. With flashlights in hand we began the junk and trash removal one trash can at a time. Once done and the commercial building swept clean we took some pictures and forwarded them to the property management team.

Simply Service Now made the job easy for us and provided excellent communication with our junk and trash removal team. We look forward to working with them in the future on all the commercial junk removal jobs that they need completed in the Las Vegas area.

If you have a junk removal job in a commercial building or a Las Vegas home residence give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate.

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