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Commercial Office Junk Out

Commercial Office Junk Out

Our junk removal company is a full service junk removal company in the Las Vegas area and we receive phone calls to remove just about anything from anywhere. Commercial office junk outs have become a large part of what we do at The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal. Its not uncommon that we receive phone call for a company to request our junk removal company to remove filing cabinets, desks, office chairs or conference tables from a commercial office building.

Once a property manager or office manager gives or junk removal company a call they are often surprised that we provide this service. They are so happy to relieve the stress of having to figure out what they are going to do with all the left over office junk. We don’t just remove the commercial office junk out but we try to recycle, reuse or donate what we can saving our landfills from the extra load. Our junk removal company takes great pride in its efforts to reduce the waste that goes to our local landfills.

We have completed many commercial office junk outs. Not only will we arrive and remove the normal commercial office junk but we have also had some companies request we remove the carpet, temporary walls that were installed and wall units that had been placed in and around the buildings. One commercial office junk out included giant refrigeration units and display cases that had been used by the previous commercial company that had leased the unit.

If you have a commercial office junk out that needs to be done give our junk removal company a call for your free estimate. Once agreed and an appointment set for the junk removal we will arrive on time and do the job in the most professional manner. We try to provide you with the cheap junk removal price but do the job with the highest level of service.


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