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Construction Debris | Concrete Removal

Construction Debris | Concrete Removal

A resident in North Las Vegas called our junk removal team and requested an estimate to break up and remove a 10’ x 10’ concrete pad from the backyard of their home. The concrete pad had previously had a hot tub on it that was removed and the resident no longer wanted the concrete pad in the backyard. In all after the concrete was broke up it would equal approximately 2 cubic yards of construction debris. As construction debris goes concrete costs more money to dispose of at the Las Vegas transfer center. So after we provided the estimate to break the concrete up, remove the concrete from the back yard and dispose of the construction debris the home owner scheduled us to come out the next afternoon to perform the job.

Our junk removal team arrived to the North Las Vegas home and prepared to remove the concrete from the back yard. Sledge hammers, gloves and goggles we went to work breaking the concrete up into construction debris. Once we were done it was time to haul the construction debris to the junk removal trailer. Out come the wheel barrels and the shovels. The construction debris loaded and ready to go it, the area swept and raked up it was time to go to the Las Vegas transfer center for construction debris disposal.  Our junk removal team takes pride in the job we perform and always leaves the area clean and ready for you.

If you have a job of removing cement or any construction debris call our junk removal team for a free estimate at 702-600-6994. We are here to answer all of your questions. Our junk removal team provides all junk and trash removal, including hot tubs and demo jobs. Call today and schedule your appointment. We are in and we are out fast, clean and professional.  The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal is Las Vegas number one junk removal company!

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