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Construction Debris | Junk Removal

Construction Debris | Junk Removal

An old client called in a bit of a panic hoping that we could come out right away for a junk and trash removal from the garage of his East Las Vegas investment home that he was currently in a demo mode. The garage was half filled with construction debris and he needed the junk and trash removed as soon as possible because the garage door guy was coming to install a new garage door and garage door opener. Since the construction debris took half of the garage there was no way a ladder could be used unless you considered it a death trap. He did try to sweep all the construction debris to one side of the garage but he said it wasn’t out of the way enough for the garage guy to get around all the junk and trash.

As we finished up the hot tub removal job we were on, we immediately raced out to his investment home in East Las Vegas to remove the construction debris for him. He did send us a picture of the pile of junk and trash in the garage so we knew it was approximately a half load and we had enough room in the junk removal trailer to haul all the construction debris away for him. Once we arrived our junk removal team gloved up and went to work cleaning up the construction debris. Shortly after we swept up the garage and pulled the junk removal trailer out of the way just in time for the garage door guy to back his van in our place.

If you have construction debris or any other type of junk and trash that cant be placed out at the curb for pick up, then give our junk removal team a call and most times can provide a free estimate right over the phone. Junk, trash, hot tubs and much more!!!

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