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Construction Debris Removal | Junk And Trash Removal | Summerlin

Construction Debris Removal | Junk And Trash Removal | Summerlin

Our junk removal team received a call from an investor in the Las Vegas area requesting for our guys to come out to his Summerlin investment home and remove all the construction debris that they had piled up in the garage from a kitchen remodel job they just finished. Our junk removal team arrived to the Summerlin home and provided the investor with a free estimate and once accepted we immediate began to clean up the Summerlin homes garage and driveway area where the construction debris was piled up.

Our junk and trash removal team started removing all the construction debris which included, drywall, cabinets, doors and old granite that had been removed from the kitchen in the Summerlin home. Once we had loaded all the construction debris into the junk and trash removal trailer we then swept up the garage and the driveway. The investor told us he would definitely use us for all his projects. He compared our junk and trash removal service with a dumpster service saying that leaving the dumpster in the street or driveway was not always acceptable especially in the Summerlin area. He liked that we were in and out and left the garage and driveway clean of all the construction debris, and he saved money using us instead of a dumpster!

If you have a remodel job in Summerlin or anywhere is Las Vegas, that you are getting ready to tackle and you want or need another option of a dumpster rental, give our junk and trash removal team a call. We will provide a free estimate, remove the construction debris junk and trash, haul it away and leave the area clean. Our junk and trash removal team does everything from construction debris to hot tubs and every junk and trash job in-between. If you need it gone then we are the junk team to call and get it removed!

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