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Construction Debris Removal | Junk Removal

Construction Debris Removal | Junk Removal

Our junk removal team went out to a property today where the previous tenant had left some unusual construction debris. The tenant apparently had a mirror business at one time and had stacked massive piles of unsold mirrors in the back area of this five acre property he had owned. The construction debris had been out in the weather for some time and all the mirrors were broken or just plain ruined by the sun and the rain. Once our junk removal team evaluated the job and the amount of construction debris to be hauled away and disposed of we presented the new home investor with a quote for the total removal. The owner agreed and we went to work.

The construction debris was very heavy. Who knew framed mirrors could way so much. We aimed at stacking the construction debris nice and neat but the mirrors just kept shattering creating more of a mess, so our team went to just throwing the construction debris into the junk removal trailer. All in all when our team was done we had approximately 13 cubic yards of construction debris which was all mirrors and the wood frames. Once we were done and the area racked up of all the mess, we covered the trailer and were off for the disposal of all the construction debris.

Over the years our junk removal team has seen just about everything so this pile of construction debris was no different. If you have done a demo project and you have a pile of construction debris to be removed give us a call at 702-600-6994 for your free estimate. Our junk removal team not only does construction debris but everything else from mattress removal to ho t tub removal. If you can’t place it at the curb and it’s in your way we will come remove the headache for you fast and easy!

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