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Construction Trash Removal | Junk Removal

Construction Trash Removal | Junk Removal

Our junk removal team recently went out to a property with the request to take pictures of a property and send them to an out of state property owner. The owner was informed that his shed had been used as a trash site and a party site for the homeless. We went out and took pictures of all the trash to be removed and the junk that was left behind and emailed the property owner. Most of what was there was construction trash that had been left behind by probable contractors dumping on his property. The owner then asked for an estimate for the trash removal. Once a free trash removal estimate was given we scheduled for the clean up of all the construction trash to be removed.

Our junk removal team arrived on site and began the construction trash removal along with all the junk to be removed. The process took our junk removal team a few hours to complete and then we swept the area clean. Our junk removal team took many pictures of the construction trash removal for the property owner since he could not be there to see for himself the junk removal clean up we had performed. The property owner was very satisfied and happy to have all the construction trash removal complete.

Our junk removal company performs many junk removal jobs for out of state customers and we send many pictures and even videos to the property owners so they can view the trash removal jobs for themselves. We have not had any complaints about the junk removal jobs that are performed. At The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas we strive to make every customer as happy as can be. A referral is our greatest compliment. From construction trash removal to hot tub removal to mattress removal and everything in between our trash removal team puts forth the best efforts possible.

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