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Couch And Trash Removal

Couch And Trash Removal

Have you ever rented or bought a home and arrived to find all the trash and junk that was left behind by the previous tenants or owners. Our junk removal team went out to a Las Vegas home to help out a new tenant. When they arrived at the Las Vegas home they found not one couch but two couches to be removed. One couch was in the garage and one couch was in the backyard right next to an old dryer that also had to go. Along with the two couches to be removed they had left behind trash everywhere, there was trash in the yard, trash in the garage and all kinds of trash in the house. Once our junk removal team arrived and saw all the trash, couches, dryer and a TV that had to be removed we provided them a free estimate for us to remove it all for them. They called the owner of the home to see if they would pay since it was left behind by the previous tenant and he agreed to pay us over the phone by credit card.

Our junk removal team then went to work. We first loaded the couches in the junk removal trailer, followed by the dryer and the TV that had to go. After that we were able to throw all the loose trash around those big items and then the bags of trash last. We went through the Las Vegas home with the new tenant to make sure all the trash removal was complete. Finally the new renter could begin to move in her belongings and settle in to her new Las Vegas home.

If you need a couch removal, trash removal or even a hot tub removal and everything in between give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate.

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