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Couch Removal In Henderson

Couch Removal In Henderson

Do you have an old worn couch that you now longer want in the house?  How about a trusty sectional that has made three moves with you over the last few years?  Worse yet a sleeper couch that is so uncomfortable to sit on it never gets used?  We know it’s hard to part ways, after all, it’s been there for you on those lazy days when you needed that afternoon nap or a place you and your family had spent time talking.  There is one nice thing about saying goodbye to an old couch though, your house, your apartment will immediately look better with that updated design and of course the place will smell better with the new couch in the room.  When you need a couch removal in Henderson, there is only one company to call who can remove that old couch and get rid of it the right way.  The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal will come to your home in Henderson and carry away the old couch leaving you with the space you need for the new couch.


Our job is not done with the couch removal either, The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal will instead do our best to donate that old couch to a charitable organization in Henderson.  That’s the win-win here, you get a couch removed from your Henderson home and someone else in Henderson gets the opportunity to use the couch again.  However if the couch is not donatable to a Henderson charity then we take it to another local facility where they will break down the couch and reuse parts of the couch before the remaining goes to the landfill.


When you call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal for a couch removal in Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas you will get uniformed, professional and courteous employees to come to your home and do all the heavy lifting for you. Always on time and always done right!!

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