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Couch Removal In North Las Vegas

Couch Removal In North Las Vegas

Have you recently purchased a new couch and now the old couch has made its way to the yard or to the garage and you want it removed? Our junk removal team recently went out to North Las Vegas for precisely this. This North Las Vegas family bought not only new couches but tables to go with it, they thought the furniture company would just have the old couch removal done but that was not the case. So they moved the old couch to their North Las Vegas  backyard until they could find a way to get rid of it. Thats when our junk removal team received the call, we provided a free estimate for the couch removal. Our junk removal estimates include all charges, the removal, haul away and disposal. We have no hidden or extra costs once we arrive.

The North Las Vegas family scheduled a couch removal appointment to which we arrived as always, ON TIME! Our junk removal team quickly performed the couch removal and said goodbye making sure not to take up too much of their time. The family thanked us and said it was a relief to have the couch removed from their North Las Vegas backyard finally.

Our junk removal team does all sorts of jobs, from couch removal to hot tub removal and everything in-between. We service not only North Las Vegas, but all of Las Vegas and Henderson areas. There is no junk removal job that is too small for our team or too big for us to conquer. Our junk removal teams have seen and done them all. Give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free junk removal estimate, we are here to answer all of your junk removal questions making the job as easy as possible for you and your family!

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