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If you are like so many others in the Las Vegas area that has recently bought a new couch or any furniture and now you have an old couch in the garage of your home or cluttering up your backyard. Are you asking yourself who picks up couches and hauls them away? Are junk removal team in Las Vegas does just this job for you! One of our busiest jobs is picking up old couches from Las Vegas homes and donating the ones that can be donated or disposing of the couch.

Our junk removal team has removed many couches and they come in all shapes and sizes. We have removed sectional couches, sleeper couches and recliner couches, some extremely heavy couches to some lighter couches. When you need a couch removed from your home give our junk removal team a call and we will carry the couch out for you, no need for you to waste the energy moving it around when we will do the heavy work for you.

Some couches we pick up can and will be donated, however couches to be donated have to be stain free, rip/tear free, animal hair free and in overall very good condition otherwise the donation facilities will not accept them as donate items. If a couch cannot be donated then we take them for disposal at the local Las Vegas transfer facility.

Our junk removal prices for couches vary on the size of the couch. Is it a sectional couch or a small love seat couch? No matter the size of the couch our junk removal prices are lower than the industry standards and our junk removal team is second to none in quality of service or on time show. We are the leaders in the junk removal industry and we still keep our junk removal prices lower than the competition! Call today for your free junk removal estimate, no job too big or too small for us to handle!

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