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Couch Removal | Summerlin

Couch Removal | Summerlin

We received a call from one of our longtime customers in the Las Vegas Summerlin area for a couch removal estimate. They had bought a new couch and love seat and the old junk couch needed to go. The couch was too big to put out at the curb so they called us for a couch removal. Once we agreed on the estimate, we then set up an appointment for us to remove the couch and haul it away.

We arrived at the residence as scheduled for our couch removal appointment. Once we entered the residence it was all up to us. You do the pointing and we do all the lifting, carrying and hauling away of all your junk. Since this couch was inside the residence we had to be careful not to bump walls, pictures or any other furniture. Then once outside it was on the way to our junk trailer and in it went. No problem. The resident asked us since we were there could we haul away some junk that he had stored on the side yard. We gave him another estimate and before he knew it the junk was removed. But we did not stop there, we then broke out the brooms and the blower clearing the area and making it clean so he could once again use the space as intended.

Once we left the residence it was off to the junk dump since nothing we picked up was recyclable, donatable, or reusable. The part of the job we took pride in was this was a returning junk removal customer. The couch removal was not the first time we had done a job for them and to us that says we did a good job the first time.

If you have junk removal needs give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call at 702-600-6994 for your free estimate. Couch removal is just one of many junk removal jobs performed. We are a full service junk and trash removal company.

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