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Demo Swing Set | Junk Removal

Demo Swing Set | Junk Removal

Do you have a swing set that at one time was a beautiful piece of equipment in your yard for the kids to play on? Now that same swing set looks like a death trap of splinters, an injury to your children just waiting to happen. Maybe you purchased a home in the Las Vegas area that already had a swing set but it is so old and dilapidated looking you wouldn’t dare let anyone near it. After years of use and sun damage this is very common. Our junk removal team has done demo jobs on many swing sets and removed them from the property. Some demo jobs are simple and quick due to the size of the swing set and some demo jobs take much longer because of the elaporate make up of the swing set. Either way our junk removal team can do the demo job for you and remove that old swing set.

Our junk removal team recently did a demo job of a very large swing set in the Henderson area. At one time this swing set must have been beautiful but with new home owners and an old broken down swing set now it was time for a demo job to be done. We arrived in Henderson to demo the swing set. With proper safety equipment and the right tools for the job we went to work breaking down the swing set until it was all down in the yard. With the demo done our junk removal team carried the swing set piece by piece to the junk removal trailer for haul away and disposal.

Our junk removal team has performed many demo jobs. Not only do we demo old swing sets, but we have performed demo jobs on kitchens, bathrooms and garage conversions. Each demo job we have left clean and ready for the next phase of the job. Call today for your free estimate.

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