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Do Not Dump In The Desert | Las Vegas

Do Not Dump In The Desert | Las Vegas

Illegal dumping, sometimes referred to as desert dumping and open dumping, is the disposal of solid waste such as household garbage, appliances, furniture, tires, yard waste, construction debris and hazardous waste in a location other than a landfill, transfer center or recycling center. Illegal dumping in the Las Vegas desert costs the taxpayers thousands of dollars each year for cleanup and illegal dumping in the Las Vegas desert poses a threat to the environment and our public health and safety.  Junk dumped along roadways can be hazardous for drivers. Tires dumped in the Las Vegas desert can cause fire hazards. Toxic chemicals can spill into water ways. Do not dump in the Las Vegas desert since this often can become a breeding ground for insects and rodents or carry deadly viruses.

In Las Vegas agencies receive many illegal dump notices annually and even more go unreported. The county assists with community clean up efforts each year on reported dumping sites in the desert, these cleanups resolve only a fraction of the illegally disposed of waste in the Las Vegas desert.

Please do not dump in the Las Vegas desert as this diminishes the beauty and quality of life in our state. Do not let Las Vegas desert become a dump site as the county would not be able to clean up no matter how much effort they applied. Protect our Las Vegas desert and the environment by reporting illegal dumping.

Get involved in programs to help clean our Las Vegas desert, even if that is just passing the word of do not dump in our desert.

If you have junk, trash or any type of waste that needs to be hauled away and disposed of call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for you free estimate. We do not dump in our deserts! We will haul away and dispose of your junk or trash correctly.

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