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Do Not Dump Junk And Trash In Las Vegas Desert

Do Not Dump Junk And Trash In Las Vegas Desert

Do your part and don’t trash Las Vegas by dumping junk and trash in our deserts. Every year, tons of junk and trash are illegally dumped on public lands located in the Las Vegas area. Junk and trash is a problem that destroys the beauty of our Las Vegas deserts, harms the wildlife, and pollutes the drinking water for Las Vegas. There are not enough volunteers to keep up with the illegal dumping of junk and trash so we as individuals have to do our part by not dumping in our Las Vegas deserts! The cost of the clean up alone could not only save millions of dollars but save our wildlife, our water and our planet.

Even with the Las Vegas authorities on the lookout for illegal dumping of junk and trash, they cannot watch everywhere at all times. We must take care of the junk and trash ourselves and not dump in the desert. Our junk removal team is one option to illegal dumping. We come to your home and will remove junk and trash, dispose of it legally and recycle when possible. Our junk and trash removal prices are competitive with anyone in the Las Vegas area and our personal attention is second to none.

Our junk removal team will donate items that can be donated, recycle what is recyclable and only then do we dispose of the junk and trash to the landfills. We are proud of our green efforts and will continue improving every step of the way. So if you have junk and trash you need taken away and disposed of give us a call for your free junk and trash removal estimate. Keep our Las Vegas deserts clean and don’t dump illegally. Our junk removal team is insured, licensed and bonded. We serve Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. Call today for your free estimate!

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