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Don’t Make A Mess Moving

Don’t Make A Mess Moving

Are you moving?  No, it’s never, ever easy. How about some tips on how to get through the mess ordeal a little easier.

The most obvious tip is not to leave packing until the last minute. If you know you’re moving some months in advance, organize your packing into seasons. Packing your summer belongings when you plan to move in the winter could make sense. You wont need them in the last few months prior to the move. Any belongings that you know wont be used, instead of just placing it in a drawer, closet or in the garage box it now saving time later. Neatness counts today saving time down the road. Making a mess packing or storing does not make the move easier, but in fact much messier. If its a summer move, then the winter gear from skiing, winter coats get packed when the weather warms. However never pack anything wet, or a mess you will have when you go to unpack.

If you are done with the summer BBQ’s then clean it today and dismantle it for the move. Cleaning it and boxing it will alleviate any mess you will have if you just let it sit in the yard until the day you move. If you pack like a mess you will be a mess on move day.

When you move, and this happens to everyone, you will have a ton of junk that you will not want to take with you. What to do? Rent a storage space for junk you will never need? Leave the mess in the garage for someone else, which could be a legal issue. How about The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal? Call us today and let our junk removal team help you with the mess of moving. We will come in and take all the unwanted items for you. No hassle and no mess. Why when you are moving would you want to deal with going to the dump, waiting in line and then back to packing. We will do it for you. Call today for your free estimate and get rid of the mess.  Don’t make moving any worse then it has to be!!

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