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Dumpster Rental Option | Las Vegas | The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal

Dumpster Rental Option | Las Vegas | The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal

Are you doing a major renovating project in your home or even a minor one? Replacing old carpet with tile? Replacing old counter tops with updated granite in the kitchen or bathrooms? No matter the project going on in your home you are going to end up with a pile of junk, trash, construction debris in your garage, yard or even in your home. So now you think you need a dumpster rental, but who wants a dumpster just sitting outside their home? If you’re considering a dumpster rental for your junk, trash, or construction removal needs, you might want to be aware of a few things. You’ll likely have to pay for your dumpster rental and even though the dumpster rental is paid for now you have to pay for the weight of the dumpster, just one of those hidden costs that come from renting a dumpster. Now that the dumpster is rented they also place restrictions on you for what you can place in the dumpster rental. Now you have an ugly dumpster sitting in front of your property until you’re done loading your junk. Now the worst part, you yourself have to load that dumpster with all the junk, trash and construction debris that you have accumulated from the renovating project.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas would like to give you a better, safer and easier option for you when it comes to dumpster rentals. When you call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your junk removal, you’ll avoid all the inconveniences that come with a dumpster rental.  We also take junk the every day trash dumpster rental company won’t, including appliances, scrap metal, electronics, and organic material. We also work extra to insure that your junk gets recycled or reused whenever possible. We our very proud of our recycling efforts. Saving the landfills thousands of pounds of junk and trash that gets reused.

We recently also encountered a community that the HOA would not allow dumpster rentals in the community. We received a call from a couple that had completely renovated the condo they lived in only to discover dumpster rental were not allowed. She was so pleased to find us she said she would spread the word to all who lived there. We came in with our junk removal trailer, loaded the junk, trash and construction debris oursleves and hauled everything away for her. No problem, no hassles… We don’t just leave our dumpster in front and leave, we come and do the job for you.


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