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DYI Hot Tub Removal

DYI Hot Tub Removal

Do you have an old hot tub that you would like to remove from your yard?  Not looking to spend a lot of money to do it?  No worries!! Our junk removal team isn’t afraid to help you take care of the job yourself. For your DYI hot tub removal project you can follow these basic steps. Other issues may arise for your DYI project, but we can give you the basics to help you get the hot tub  removal done as easy for you as possible.


Here are your DYI hot tub removal tips: Always wear eye protection!!

1. Make sure you have your disposal solution ready, like a dumpster or a very large trailer to haul away the hot tub.

2. Locate the power box that feeds the hot tub and make sure the power to the hot tub has been disconnected.

3. Begin by removing the hot tub cover and then start removing all the side paneling that covers the underneath of the hot tub. Place all the junk in your dumpster.

4. Disconnect or cut away all the wiring that feeds the hot tub motors and power supply board.

5. cut out all the pipes, motor and anything else you can see and place them in the dumpster.

6. Using a sledgehammer break all the vertical support beams that hold the hot tub.

7. Using a reciprocating saw with a demo blade cut the hot tub into four pieces like a pie. Then snap the hot tub open like a flower.  Carry away those pieces to the dumpster cutting away any thing that holds it to the center bottom of the hot tub.

8. Carry away the remaining plastic bottom, along with the wood, foam and any other debris left behind from the demo.

9. Cap the electrical in the nearest box making the wires safe.

10. Sweep the area, pick up the tools and your DYI hot tub removal project is complete.

If you have any questions about your DYI hot tub removal you can give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call and we are happy to answer your DYI questions.  Even if your in the middle of the DYI project we are here to help.

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