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Foreclosure Junk Removal In Las Vegas

Foreclosure Junk Removal In Las Vegas

Our junk removal team handles many different types of junk removal jobs. We have an investor that buys foreclosure homes and remodels them for rental. He calls us on many occasions and provides us with addresses in the Las Vegas area and requests we go and remove the junk and trash from the foreclosure property so that his contractors can then go in and fix the foreclosure home up and get it ready for resale or rental. Our junk removal team has the expertise and the experience to go in unsupervised and get the job done. Some foreclosure properties and full of junk, trash and old furniture while others just need a simple clean up. There is no foreclosure junk and trash removal job that is too daunting for our team! Foreclosure junk removal jobs are like any other jobs that we perform on a daily basis. The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas takes pride in each and every trash removal job that we perform.

After the removal of junk from a foreclosure our team then takes the time to sweep the garage and the home. We always leave the foreclosure home in a swept condition making it easy for the investor to send in his contractors. The investor will often then call us back to the foreclosure to remove construction debris left behind by his contractors. If the have drywall repairs, replace old appliances or do heavy yard work leaving yard debris behind. Again our team goes in and removes all the constructions debris and leaves the foreclosure in a swept condition and ready for the final cleaners to come in and make ready the foreclosure for the next step in the process.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas takes great pride on each and every job, leaving our customers completely satisfied with the project that was given to us. A foreclosure junk removal job is no different then any job, we always give 100% to the task at hand. Our referral rate is our number one compliment.

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