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Foreclosure Junk Removal | Trash Removal

Foreclosure Junk Removal | Trash Removal

A local Las Vegas foreclosure realtor gave our junk removal team a call and talked to us about foreclosure trash removal jobs. She told us that most foreclosure homes are left with an enormous amount of trash and junk and they were looking for a junk removal company they could call and a junk removal company that could handle the jobs. We let her know that The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal could handle any job, no matter how big or small. Our junk removal team has all the experience and expertise to go into a foreclosure and remove all the junk and trash, leaving the foreclosure in a clean and swept condition. When we are done removing the junk and trash the next vendor can come right in and do the job they need to do.

We discussed everything that they would need and offered other details that could be addressed by our junk removal team. We didn’t become Las Vegas number one junk removal company by mistake. We take great pride in our high referral rates and always welcome back previous clients in the Las Vegas area. When you hire our junk removal team to remove trash from the foreclosure property, garage, house, yard or any other area, we want our clients to let us know the trash removal job and then go relax while we do all the heavy lifting. Once we are done we sweep up and haul all the trash away and dispose of it at the Las Vegas transfer facility. However we do recycle and donate items that qualify. We never take to the Las Vegas transfer center what can be reused. Trash to you is not always trash.

Our junk removal team in Las Vegas prides itself on the job we do and always strive to leave our clients satisfied with the project that was given to us. Call Dennis Goms at The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal for your free trash removal estimate.

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