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Free Junk Removal Estimate

Free Junk Removal Estimate

Have you collected unwanted items and now you have no space left in the yard or in your garage? Call us today for you free junk removal estimate. Most estimates can be provided to you right over the phone, yes free junk removal estimates anytime. If the job that needs to be completed requires us to come to your home or residence so that we can go over all the junk that needs to be removed, then again we will arrive and provide you with your free junk removal estimate. No hassle and no pressure, we will show at an appointed time to go over what junk you want removed and provide you with a free junk removal estimate on the spot.

In Las Vegas the transfer center charges by the cubic yard of what is going to be dumped. They also have a minimum dump rate. So for most jobs the free junk removal estimate is based purely on the size of the junk removal load. Other factors may include E-Waste, which has to be recycled in a different area and can not be dumped with a regular load. We may also have to consider is the junk removal job located in one area or scattered over a yard and home. Is there an upstairs with heavy loads to be brought down. Is it construction debris, which usually has so much extra wieght it has to be broke down over two loads. We have also had to go in a remove the carpet from the home which added man hours against carpet that is already removed and rolled up in the garage. No matter how big or how small the job we will always provide you with a free junk removal estimate, whether over the phone or we arrive in person to discuss.

Give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call for your free junk removal estimate and schedule today!

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