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Furniture Removal In Rhodes Ranch

Furniture Removal in Rhodes Ranch

We just did a job where we had a request to remove old furniture from a Rhodes Ranch home. When we arrived the furniture removal consisted of a sectional couch, a leather recliner, two box springs mattresses and an old mattress. The Rhodes Ranch home owners had placed all the furniture in the driveway ready for us to load up, remove and haul away. Our junk removal team made quick work of the job, we thanked the home owners and left the driveway clean and free of all the old furniture.

Our job was not yet complete. We noticed that the furniture was not in bad shape just a bit older. The Rhodes ranch homeowners just needed room for the new furniture that had arrived. So we drove to the nearest donation center to see what could and couldn’t be donated. Once there we opened up the junk removal trailer and let then see the old furniture we had removed. The donation employees took the sectional couch, the leather recliner chair and an ottoman that goes with the sectional couch. The box springs and the mattress was no good to them. We will take those items to the Las Vegas recycle center for disposal. Our junk removal company prides itself on its donation and recycling efforts. We make every effort to reuse items that can be reused so that the landfills get a break.

The furniture removal in Rhodes ranch was quick and easy but we wanted to show you that our job is not complete just because we have left your property. We often donate old furniture that is removed, we separate metal for recycling and we do this to save our landfills of unnecessary waste. If you live in the Rhodes ranch area or in Las Vegas call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal for your free junk removal estimate.

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