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Garage Demo And Junk Removal Clean Up

Garage Demo And Junk Removal Clean Up

Our junk removal team went to a North Las Vegas home to meet with an investor who had just purchased this home. This home in particular had once had a single car garage and a two car garage. The two car garage had been converted to a bedroom. They had removed the garage door and stucco the front of the home and on the inside they had placed full drywall, carpet and electrical throughout. The room was done very nice however the new home owner wanted the garage back to a garage. After discussing the demo and the junk removal clean up we provided him with a free estimate for the total job. Once accepted and scheduled it was time to get to work.

The garage demo was scheduled for the following day. Our junk removal team arrived and we got ready the sledge hammer, the reciprocating saw and our safety equipment. The first part of the garage demo was to breakdown the exterior stucco wall so that we had easy access to the junk removal trailer and therefore making the clean up easier to deal with. The outside wall was not to demo easily as it took as a lot of physical energy to break it down. The next part of the demo was to remove the carpet and the padding from the garage. Once the carpet was removed we then demo the interior walls. After all the demo was complete it was only the clean up to take care of after that. There was a lot of drywall and stucco to clean up and sweep up. After the demo and the clean up it was time for the junk removal trailer to go to the dump for disposal.

If you need any junk removal jobs done, from the easy clean up junk removal to the demo junk removal, give The pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimates.

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