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Garage Junk Removal And Haul Away

Garage Junk Removal And Haul Away

Our junk removal team went out to the Summerlin area of Las Vegas to take a look at a resident that needed to have all the junk and the trash haul away from his garage. They live in the Summerlin home part time so we had to meet them while they were here in town. Once our junk removal team arrived to the Summerlin Las Vegas home you could see that they had done some construction demo and removed shelves from the walls, they also had bagged up a bunch of yard debris to go with the trash removal. Our junk removal team provided an estimate to haul away all the junk and trash a sweep out the garage for the home owner. Once agreed we were able to do the junk and trash removal haul away job for them on the spot. And this worked out for the home owner since they were going to leave town again and wanted the garage junk haul away for their return.

In the garage among the junk and the trash was yard debris bagged up, palm tree leaves to be haul away, shelving, drywall and some interior fixtures. There was even a sink that had to go. In all they home owner had about 8 cubic yards of construction junk and yard trash that had to haul away from the garage. Once the junk removal trailer was loaded and ready for haul away our trash removal team swept the garage clean and had it ready for the home owners to park both cars in if that’s what they wanted to do with the garage.

If you have junk removal job that you would like an estimate for or a trash removal job you want to get out, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. We have seen and done them all, no junk removal job to big and no trash removal job too small.

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