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Garage Junk Removal In North Las Vegas

Garage Junk Removal In North Las Vegas

Received a panic call today from a new North Las Vegas home owner in desperate need of a garage junk removal job. Seems they drove in from California with two moving trucks expecting the North Las Vegas home that they just closed escrow on would be empty and clean ready for them to begin unloading all of their belongings. They were shocked and saddened to see the garage completely full of junk and trash and now they were left to have the junk removed today so they could move in or call the realtor who closed the escrow and complain only to wait days to have a decision made on the junk removal job. They chose to get it done today so that they could spend the holidays in their new North Las Vegas home!

We told them that we could be over within the hour to help them with the junk removal job. Once we arrived we provided a free junk removal estimate and they accepted. They wanted to help but we told them to not worry we would take care of it and be out of the way in less then one hour. This allowed them to begin placing their own stuff in the house and start the chore of unpacking. The North Las Vegas home was left in complete disarray. The previous owners had placed everything they didn’t want into the garage leaving it behind and making it the new owners problem. This North Las Vegas home had a detached garage and maybe they thought they could get away with it and leave all the junk behind. In about 45 minutes our junk removal team had this North Las Vegas garage completely cleaned out and swept so that the new owners could begin placing their belongings in their garage.

If you need a junk removal job completed give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. We proudly serve not only North Las Vegas, but also Las Vegas and Henderson.

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