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Haul Away Junk Las Vegas

Haul Away Junk Las Vegas

Are you looking for a junk removal company in the Las Vegas area to haul away junk? Have you piled on that junk and now it has taken over your side yard, your backyard, your garage or even a room in your home? It happens to the best of us, we push things aside and always promise to get to the pile of junk later, but then later really never comes and now that junk pile has taken over. Now you’re scratching your head thinking how do I haul away all this junk?

There are many junk and trash removal companies in the Las Vegas area that would haul away all the junk you want. Some of the junk removal companies in Las Vegas are better then others. While some are legitimate licensed junk removal companies who follow all the laws of transporting and dumping,  there are others that will take your junk and dump it wherever they can. When you hire a junk removal company that just dumps your junk and trash wherever it could come back to you if there is anything that could lead the authorities back to you and now you have to explain and hope not to get a fine. It also leaves our desert with junk and trash all over the place. When you hire a “real” junk removal company to come in and haul away your junk , that’s what they will do. We will haul your junk all the way to the Las Vegas transfer center and dump in a legal manner. We will also make every effort to donate what can be donated, recycle what can be recycled and reuse what can be reused, freeing our landfills up from all the wasted junk and trash.

As a junk removal company we offer a list of items we will come and haul away. Some of the items included are Appliance removal, Refrigerator removal, mattress removal, furniture removal, carpet removal, TV removal, Tire removal, Computer recycling, Yard debris removal, Rubbish removal, Garbage Removal, Trash removal, Dumpster alternative, Hot Tub removal, Swing Set removal, Construction Debris removal, Gazebo Removal, BBQ removal, and just about anything else you can think of. You want a garage clean out, a yard clean up or a house junk gone, no problem! Don’t let your home be overtaken by junk, let us haul away the junk for you.

If you have junk that needs to be hauled away don’t be fooled by the pretenders and get yourself in trouble, call a licensed junk removal company. We are The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal company in Las Vegas, call us today for your free no hassle estimate at 702-600-6994 and let us serve you by hauling away your junk and trash. A client of The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal is a client for life. We treat you like family.


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