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Haul Away Trash | Junk Removal

Haul Away Trash | Junk Removal

Our junk removal team in Las Vegas is often asked to haul away trash. We are also asked what do we do with all the trash we haul away. When we meet with our customers at an appointed time to discuss what trash they want hauled away, we provide a free estimate for the removal, the hauling away and the disposal of the trash. Our junk removal team then goes to work loading the junk removal trailer with all the trash. Once complete we then haul all the trash to the Las Vegas transfer facility, where we pay the disposal fee and then dump the trash. We never dump trash or junk illegally in our great state, we also take great pride in our recycle efforts. If what we pick up can be recycled we will separate it from the trash that goes to the landfill and store it at our shop until we collect enough to go to the Las Vegas recycle facility. We will also separate and donate any and all items that donation centers will take. We never dump what can be saved! Saving our environment is extremely important to our junk removal team.

We take our time to sort thru all the trash and the junk that we remove, we then separate the recyclable items. This process takes time but its part of the trash removal service that you pay for when you schedule our junk removal team to come to your home or commercial building.

If you ever have a need to haul away trash from your property don’t hesitate to call our junk removal team. Trash haul away is our specialty! The haul away of your trash is the easy part! Call today for your free estimate to haul away all the trash and junk that you no longer need taking your space!

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