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Heavy Couch Removal In Summerlin

Heavy Couch Removal In Summerlin

We received a call from a new client the other day in the summerlin area of Las Vegas, requesting a free estimate on a heavy couch removal. Our first question was why she thought this particular couch was so heavy. She explained that it had recliners on either end and a center console that made it so heavy four people carried it in. I figured she may have been over exaggerating and provided her with a free estimate. She did accept the price and we scheduled to meet at her at the summerlin residence later that same day.

Once we arrived at the home, my partner and I, we went into the home and she pointed out the couch. Not only was this couch giant but there were tables and nick knacks in the way to the signal front door. Once we got on either side and began to lift I realized we should have four people to carry this couch. She was right this was the heaviest couch removal we had ever done! The navigating through the home was no easy task. We moved slow which hurt and made sure we didn’t bump any of her things over. Then came the door! I asked do they make all doors this small in summerlin area, she smiled and said I told you it was a heavy couch. I told her no job is too big or too small and we made it through this tiny summerlin door with this heavy couch and walked it to the junk removal trailer. Now I will admit my partner and I were breathing heavy but we made it. This was by far the heavy couch we had ever taken on in summerlin or anywhere, but we conquered the job.

If you need a free junk removal estimate in the summerlin area, Las Vegas, or Henderson area give us a call, even if its a heavy couch removal, we can get the job done!

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