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Henderson Hot Tub Removal

Henderson Hot Tub Removal

Our junk removal team recently performed a hot tub removal in the Henderson area and this particular hot tub ranks among the hardest hot tub removals.  Our junk removal team removes approximately 30 hot tubs each year.  Each hot tub removal is a little different then the next.  Maybe the house access to the hot tub is small or they have RV parking and we can pull right up to the hot tub for easy removal.  Some hot tubs are newer then others and are built with a massive amount of foam and some are older with almost no insulation at all.  This hot tub in Henderson was different in that it was buried in the ground.


For this hot tub removal in Henderson our junk removal team arrived on time and ready to go.  We began this hot tub removal by removing the small decking around it and taking out all the covers and doors we could get to.  Then we went to work in the Henderson back yard.  We cut the tub into five pieces separating the walls from the bottom of the tub.  Getting the walls to snap off was not easy since they had dirt backing them but nothing stops are junk removal team.  One piece at a time we removed the hot tub from the Henderson back yard.  After cleaning the area and capping the electrical our job was complete!  No hot tub can break us and this Henderson hot tub was no different!


If you have a hot tub you need to removed our junk removal team has done them all, from this buried hot tub in Henderson to a giant swim spa in Las Vegas.  Give our junk removal team a call for your free hot tub removal estimate.  We not only serve the Henderson area but also Las Vegas and North Las Vegas as well.

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