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Hot Tub Removal | Henderson | Las Vegas

Hot Tub Removal | Henderson | Las Vegas

Our company received a call from a new customer today asking if we had a hot tub removal service.  After discussing with them that we are a full service junk removal company that in fact does hot tub removal. The client then wanted to know if we can remove a hot tub that was buried in the ground and has been buried in the ground for over 20 years. We don’t come across hot tub removals that are in the ground too often any longer but we have done a few and in the ground or in a self contained cabinet we will provide a hot tub removal for you.

Once we agreed on a hot tub removal charge for the in ground hot tub, we then scheduled an appointment to which our uniformed team arrived and began the hot tub removal. First thing first is always safety. So we placed eye protection on and gloved up for the hot tub removal job. We then disconnected the electrical source and capped of the wires at the nearest junction box. Now that the hot tub was electrically safe we began cutting the spa away in chunks to be removed. We did have to dig around the hot tub some to get down in there with our pry bars. Now the hot tub was cut we were able to break the hot tub in pieces and remove it from the back yard. Now that the hot tub was removed we then had to remove all the mechanical equipment which was separate from the hot tub. We separated the equipment so that we could recycle the metal, always thinking green!!!

The hot tub removal was complete and the area cleaned up and ready for the owner to have the hole we had created filled up with dirt and then he wanted to cover the area in rock. For your free hot tub removal estimate call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas at 702-600-6994.

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