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Hot Tub Removal In Las Vegas That Was Full Of Ice

Hot Tub Removal In Las Vegas That Was Full Of Ice

Our junk removal team received a call from Lori at Avalon Realty to discuss removing a hot tub from one of the properties that they managed. We provided her with a free estimate for us to go to the vacant home and remove the hot tub and haul it away disposing it at the Las Vegas transfer facility. She let us know that she would call back in a few days after she had conferred with her clients. When she called back with an approval to remove the hot tub, she gave us an open date since the Las Vegas home was currently not occupied.

When our junk removal team arrived to remove the hot tub from the Las Vegas property we were surprised at what we found when we lifted the cover. It wasn’t that the hot tub was full of water but had a half inch of ice. The hot tub was full of ice and very solid to the knock. The ice was so thick and strong we had to use a small hammer to break it up. Our junk removal team has seen a lot but never a hot tub full of ice. We know Las Vegas gets cold but this hot tub full of ice was good to go for some ice skating.

Once we broke up the hot tub full of ice we then were able to drain the water. Still after all the water was drained we still found all the lines in the hot tub full of ice, making it heavier. However the water lines which are normally very flexible broke and the slightest bend by us, just snapping. Once the hot tub was cut up into chunks we carried it out to the junk removal trailer for an easy haul away to the Las Vegas transfer facility. We have done many hot tub removals in Las Vegas but this was the first full of ice and it was interesting to say the least. Our hand were freezing by the time it was done, even with our gloves on.

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