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Hot Tub Removal In Las Vegas With Giant Deck

Hot Tub Removal In Las Vegas With Giant Deck

Today our junk removal team went to a Las Vegas home to take a look at and give an estimate on a hot tub removal with a giant deck wrapped around it.  The hot tub was your everyday 4 to 6 seat size but the wrap around deck was giant, I don’t even know if giant was a good description, this deck was enormous!  The deck was well built and had to of looked like a prize piece in this Las Vegas backyard but as of today the giant deck was weather beaten and rotted.  It was no longer the prize piece of the backyard but an eyesore for these Las Vegas home owners.


We provided an estimate to remove the hot tub and demo the giant deck, load everything in the junk removal trailer and haul it all away for disposal.  The Las Vegas home owner agreed and we went to work on the removal and demo of the giant deck and hot tub.  The first thing we did was remove all the lattice that surrounded the giant deck and the outside paneling of the hot tub so that we could see under and around the deck and hot tub.  We then started with the reciprocating saw removing pieces and chunks of the deck and carrying it out to the junk removal trailer.  Once the giant deck was removed we then went to work cutting the hot tub into four pieces and carrying it out to the junk removal trailer.  Once the giant deck and hot tub were removed and the area cleaned up of the left over debris we capped the electrical making it safe for the Las Vegas home owners.


As a junk removal team there isn’t a hot tub, spa or jacuzzi that we haven’t seen and removed.  We have removed decks, gazebos and even steam rooms from backyards in Las Vegas and Henderson.  We have seen it all from a round hot tub that had to be rolled out of the yard to a swim spa the size of a swimming pool.  If you need your hot tub removed give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate at 702-600-6994.

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