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Hot Tub Removal In Summerlin | Las Vegas

Hot Tub Removal In Summerlin | Las Vegas

The junk removal team received a call today with the request to remove a hot tub today in Summerlin, Las Vegas. The Las Vegas home owners are in the process of moving out and getting the Summerlin home ready to be rented out. They were in town today and needed the hot tub removal done as soon as possible. Our junk removal team was able to provide an afternoon appointment for the homeowner. Since it was a Sunday the day was not completely booked.

Later that afternoon our junk removal team showed up at the scheduled time to the Summerlin, Las Vegas home and prepared to get a hot tub removal service completed. We took out the crowbar, the reciprocating saw, and all the safety equipment needed to perform the hot tub removal. What made this hot tub removal service especially different and a little more difficult was it was sit in a brick wall. The hot tub had a deck around it with flagstone and at one time was a beautiful look. The brick wall around the hot tub made it not only difficult to cut but to pry back and forth to snap the pieces out. On three walls our junk removal team could not get into the side of the hot tub to cut away the structure of the frame making it very hard to break. But nonetheless our junk removal team can not and will not be stopped. We overcame the hot tub removal and got it out and into the junk removal trailer. The Summerlin, home owners were now left with a hole that needed to be attended to but they were happy the hot tub removal was done and the broken hot tub was now gone. The Summerlin, Las Vegas home would be ready for rental soon and that made them happy.

If you have a hot tub removal that needs to be done, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal team in Las Vegas a call. Our estimates are free of charge and usually can be done right over the phone. If you need junk removal in Summerlin, Las Vegas, we are the team for you!

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