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Hot Tub Removal That Caught On Fire

Hot Tub Removal That Caught On Fire

Our junk removal team received a frantic phone call today from a home owner in the Henderson area with the request that we come over to his home and remove a hot tub. We provided a free estimate for our junk removal team to come out remove the hot tub and cap the electrical making the power safe in the yard. That’s when he said no need to worry the hot tub caught on fire the previous night and had burnt up. Our junk removal team has removed many hot tubs and spas but we had never heard or seen a hot tub that had caught on fire! Even though the hot tub had caught on fire and was charred our removal estimate did not change since the removal of the hot tub would be pretty much the same.

Our junk removal team arrived at the Henderson home and we had to take a look at this burnt up hot tub before we began the removal. Sure enough this hot tub looked like it was taken right out of a bon fire! The tub charred, the cabinet gone and insulation burnt to almost nothing. Still the removal would be the same, we cut the hot tub that had caught on fire into four sections and carried them out to the junk removal trailer. We then swept up the area and made sure all the burnt pieces from the hot tub fire around the yard were picked up.

If you need a hot tub removed, a swim spa taken away, then don’t hesitate to call our junk removal team. All of our estimates are free and we do not hassle you for the job. If you want us there we will arrive on time and ready to go. Even for a hot tub that recently caught on fire and created a mess for the home owner.

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