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Hotel Mattress Removal

Hotel Mattress Removal

Our junk removal team went out to a Las Vegas hotel to remove all the old mattresses. The hotel had replaced all the mattresses with new ones and needed the old mattresses removed from the property. In all the total number of mattress and box springs was 65 sets that needed removal. Our junk removal team provided an estimate right over the phone for the removal, the hauling away and the disposal of the mattress sets. We then scheduled a time and date with the hotel manager for us to come and perform the mattress removal.

Once our junk removal team arrived to the hotel we started the task of loading all the mattresses into the trailer for haul away and removal. Our junk removal team was able to do the complete mattress removal in three separate loads. Mattresses may be on the lighter side but they take up a lot of room when transporting them from the hotel to the Las Vegas transfer facility for disposal. Once we had completed the mattress removal we then swept up the area of the hotel and left it in a clean condition. The hotel manager was more then pleased to get the mattresses out of his hair and out of his hotel.

If you have a mattress you need removed then give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. Our junk removal team is always happy to answer any of your junk removal questions. We serve Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson and we remove anything from mattresses to hot tubs to much more. Any junk you can not leave out on the curb for the garbage company, our junk removal team will take care of for you. We are fast, clean, professional and provide the most competitive junk removal prices.

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