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House Clean Up | Las Vegas

House Clean Up | Las Vegas

Our company recently received a call from a Las Vegas home owner is desperate need of a total junk removal job. Her previous tenants who had been evicted had left the Las Vegas house a complete mess and in need of not only a house clean but a complete junk removal job. The junk removal job consisted of too much to describe over the phone so the owner of the property requested that we meet her at the house clean job to discuss the junk removal that she needed.

We arrived at the scheduled time to meet with the disgruntled owner. She was very upset but we were there to help. As we tried to enter the home we could not even open the front door!! A house clean up was not what she needed. She most definitely required the services that we provide. A complete junk removal. The Las Vegas house was filled with cans, boxes, cigarettes, food take out boxes, just to name some of the junk that needed to be removed. The junk stood three feet high from wall to wall!! Before she could even attempt to have the house clean up done she needed us to remove all the junk that the previous tenants had stored in the Las Vegas home.

We provided an estimate for the junk removal and once agreed we set a time to return and begin the major task of removing the junk from her Las Vegas rental property. The junk removal task was a slow and time consuming effort by our team. The owners Las Vegas home had been used as a huge trash can for who knows how long. It took our team approximately 6 hours and two junk removal trailers full to the top, which is approximately 20 yards of junk and trash that was removed from this Las Vegas home.

After the junk removal job was complete and you could again see the floor and counter tops in the kitchen, the owner was then ready to have her rental property cleaned up. She was very happy to know that the home wasn’t completely destroyed by the junk and trash that was left behind.

If you ever need any junk or trash removal service call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate.

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