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How To Recycle Used Oil | How To Dispose Of Used Oil

How To Recycle Used Oil | How To Dispose Of Used Oil

If you change your own used motor oil from your car NEVER dispose of used oil, on the ground, in your residential gutter, in the desert, ditch or creek. Never dispose of used oil in your storm sewer or in the garbage. The environmental risks and health hazards that used oil presents along with the high fines for dumping used oil.

Used motor oil recycling is the law! Before you dispose or recycle your used motor oil you should contain it in a clean, leak proof container. You can use such containers for your used motor oil such as an old plastic milk jug or the empty oil bottles that you just used. Before hauling the used oil to the recycle facility make sure the caps are on the bottle tight and the bottles are secure. Store your used oil away from direct sunlight, in a dry place and away from kids or pets.

When you recycle your old oil properly it can be used for many other purposes. Did you know recycled oil never wears out? The old oil may be dirty but can still be recycled, cleaned and used again for other purposes. When you recycle used motor oil it conserves our natural oil resources.

Used motor oil when not recycled and instead dumped illegally can contaminate and pollute our soil and water supplies, including streams, lakes and rivers. And it is illegal to dispose of your oil and not recycle it.

When you recycle your old motor oil it reduces the pollution threat of dumping it illegally. Recycling protects our environment. There are many recycle facilities in the Las Vegas area for used motor oil and are free to the public. The recycle centers will then dispose and recycle the oil in the correct way. Not only saving our environment but saving valuable natural resources.

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