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If you are moving to a new residence, office space or just need space, then clearing away unwanted junk and trash is necessary. Many trash collection services will not haul away large or bulky items. When a homeowner needs to get rid of junk, calling a junk removal service is the best option. Have you ever wondered what the top ten unwanted junk and trash items were? Here is a list of what our junk removal company picks up the most.
1. Couches; furniture is bulky and heavy, making it impossible to place at the curb for weekly pick up. When new furniture is bought the old furniture must be removed.
2. Hot tubs and spas; Hot tub and spas start needing major repairs at the 7-10 year mark. That’s when homeowners begin neglecting the hot tub and spa and eventually it is an eyesore. Our junk removal team removes 30-40 hot tubs and spas per year.
3. Mattresses; You have heard the saying, “every 8 you should replace” when you purchase a new mattress you need to have the old one removed.
4. TV sets; you cannot dump or dispose of a TV in the landfills. Our junk removal company properly disposes all TV’s to an e-waste facility.
5. Yard debris; it’s always nice to have a well manicured yard but if you are like most residents the waste absolutely will not fit into a garbage can. You could remove a small amount at a time or call our junk removal team to take care of it in one pick up.
6. Construction Debris; every household renovation produces a pile of junk and trash that has to go. Renting dumpsters to park in front of the yard are ugly and obtrusive to your neighbors. After the demo is complete call us and we are in and out.
7. Junk and trash; this goes without saying, it has to go!
8. Cardboard boxes; have you moved recently? You understand!
9. Office equipment; technology advances fast and all this equipment goes to e-waste.
10. Rental cleanouts; we are called in to remove all junk and trash from rental units after they have been vacated.
Call our junk removal company today and receive your free estimate to remove any of these trash items and much more. Our junk removal estimates are free and we will answer all of your questions.

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