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Junk And Trash Removal From Garage

Junk And Trash Removal From Garage

Our junk removal team recently went out to do an estate junk and trash removal from a garage that had been a collection of everything you could imagine. The estate had been sitting for some time going through a probate and once the trustees had everything figured out our junk removal team was called out to remove all the trash and the junk that had been in the garage for a very long time. Once we arrived our junk removal team was able to provide an estimate to completely remove all the trash and all the junk and leave the garage in a swept condition and therefore ready for the next step on the trustees list of things to get done. The estimate was accepted on the spot and our junk removal team immediately went to work cleaning all the trash from the garage.

As our junk removal team cleaned the garage we put aside all the recyclable metals and any donate-able items that we could. The rest of the garage trash out went smoothly and efficiently. Our junk removal team carried large items and small items slowly clearing all the trash that had built up in the garage. Once all the junk and trash was removed our team went to work sweeping the garage and making sure all was complete before turning it back over to the trustees. We took pictures and sent them so they could see the work our junk removal team performed.

If you have an estate clean out, a foreclosure junk removal job, or just a trash removal from you garage or shed give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. We remove everything from simple junk and trash in your way to hot tub removals and everything that you can think of. We serve Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

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